300 Yard Long Range Rifle League

Join us starting on Saturday, August 4th and ending Sunday, September 9th for the 300 Yard Bench Rest League. The league will consist of 5 rounds, 10 shots per round, for a total of 50 shots for the league.

  • 5 shots will be on a 300 yard International Bench Rest Shooters Paper Target
  • 5 shots will be on steel silhouette targets.
  • You will have up to 15 minutes to shoot 10 shots for each round.
  • All 10 shots will be fired seated at the bench only, no other shooting position allowed.
  • Use any aid to stabilize your aim. Use of sand bags, bi-pods, tri-pods, lead sled or even a rock if that’s what will work for you.
  • You can set your shooting aids up on the bench along with your ammunition but your rifle must remain in the gun rack with the action open until the shoot begins.
  • Use any of your favorite rifles. Caliber, weight, action type, no restrictions on your rifle! You must use the same rifle throughout the 10 shot round.
  • You can use a different rifle for each round.
  • Spotting scopes/range finders can be used.

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