Fall Rifle League

It’s time to finish up your rifle loads because it’s time for rifle league. League will begin Saturday, September 1st, and will run 6 weeks.

We will shoot:

  • 5 shots standing unsupported at 50 yards
  • 5 shots standing resting on the post at 100 yards
  • 5 shots kneeling, sitting or prone unsupported at 100 yards
  • 5 shots at the bench unsupported at 150 yards and the EZ shot
  • 1 shot at 200 yards at a 12 oz beverage can at the bench unsupported

For a total of 21 shots per score.

We have several good shooters in our league and they are willing to help show pointers on reloading, gun smithing and basic marksmanship for those willing to learn.

The cost of all this will be $25.
Call Brad for more information at 715-532-8204.