Canned Gopher Shoot

2022 Date: Saturday, July 16th

The competition:

  • This is a rain or shine event held in July.
  • Shoot as many of the canned gophers (24 cans of beverage) in 12 minutes as you can with 24 bullets. The canned gophers will be spaced from 100-300 yards.

The Rules:

  • Use any of your favorite rifles. Caliber, weight, action type, no restrictions on your rifle! You must use the same rifle throughout the competition.
  • Use any aid to stable your aim. Use of sand bags, bi-pods, tri-pods, lead sled or even a rock if that’s what will work for you.
  • You can set your shooting aids up on the bench along with your ammunition but your rifle must remain in the gun rack with the action open until the shoot begins.
  • All ammunition will remain loose in ammo boxes until the start of the competition. Loose means no stripper clips. You cannot load your magazine until the start of the competition.
  • If a gun malfunction occurs it will be to the discretion of the range supervisor if there will be a make-up at the end of the shoot. Please bring reliable guns and ammunition.
  • A count down timer will be set within sight of each shooter. When the timer reaches “0” shooters will cease fire and clear their weapons.
Yards# of CansPoints per canTotal points
TOTAL24 385


  • A hit is defined as any can that does not hold its fluid. If the can is grazed by a bullet but does not leak it is NOT a hit. If the bullet ricochets in front of the can and it hits the can and makes it leak it is a hit. If the bullet hits the can stand and the can falls off and hits a rock that punctures the can to make it leak it’s a hit. Final score will be judged by the range supervisor.
  • The following will be the distance of the targets along with the score for each.
  • The points will be added up to determine the winner.
  • If shooters have a tie score in points, tie will go to the shooter with the most targets hit. If also tied in the most hits it will go to the shooter with the furthest targets hit. If still tied it will remained tied and the division will be equally split.


  • Each shooter will pay $25 to shoot the competition. $12 will go to the club for targets and range improvements, $13 will go back to the winning shooters.
  • The entry fee will be prepaid at time you reserve your bench time. No refunds.

Prize money split:

  • Last place gets their entry fee back, $25. This will get paid out before the other moneys are split.
  • The remainder of the prize money will be split 3 ways on a Lewis class Payout. All 3 Classes will get equal 1st place payout.
  • This is a fundraiser so any money donated back to the club would be appreciated.

How to sign up:

We do not require a prepaid sign up. We will do a first come first shoot sign up the day of the event. If you do want a specific time you can pay and sign up before the shoot. We will have two shooters at one time so if you would like to shoot with a friend please sign up together. You will need to call, text, or email Mike O’Leary to reserve your time. To prevent double booking, only Mike can sign you up. Payments can be done several ways, please contact Mike.

Mike O’Leary


Mike O’Leary, Secretary
Phone: (715) 403-0756

Pam O’Leary, Treasurer
Cell: (715) 299-0368

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