Rifle Range

Our club features a 300 yard rifle range with 4 stations.

2020 Event Dates: Saturday, July 18th

Canned Gopher Shoot

The canned gopher shoot is a crowd favorite shot at the rifle range in June/July.

We place 24 beverage cans at varying ranges. Each participant shoots 24 rounds with a gun of their choosing (but only one gun). You can use any gun prop you desire, including sand bags, bipods, tripods, lead sleds, or even over your shoulder with a mirror if you wish. There is a 12 minute time limit.

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Mike O’Leary, Secretary
Phone: (715) 403-0756
Email: 19moleary66@gmail.com

Pam O’Leary, Treasurer
Cell: (715) 299-0368
Email: 19poleary68@gmail.com

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